PGS Beam Migration

PGS hyperBeam integrates high fidelity imaging algorithms, state of the art visualization and integrated model building and QC utilities. It enables rapid, high quality velocity model building for all survey geometries and for anisotropic velocity models, recently extended to include tilted orthorhomic models.

The ability to trial scenarios, to pick non-hyperbolic moveout, perform joint inversions for velocity and anisotropic parameters, include well constraints and utilize our unique wavelet conditioning capabilities provides the best solution for derisking complex velocity models.

The instant availability of interpretation-ready QC attributes after each model update allows for close interaction between the interpreter and the geophysicist. The hyperBeam system is exceptionally fast and is capable of imaging multi-path arrivals and steep dips.

Available Options

  • Ray path discrimination for salt modeling
  • SMART flood migration for improved imaging and salt flank positioning
  • 3D modeling capability for geobodies
  • Depth domain demultiple and dip filtering
  • Depth domain 3D Residual Normal Moveout (3DRNMO) correction

PGS hyperBeamFlexible interpretation allows for salt body scenarios