Frequently asked questions about PGS shares and other investment related items.

General FAQ

1. How many shares are there in PGS and where are they located?
There are 39 583 224 ordinary shares outstanding (including shares represented by ADSs). The Norwegian holdings represent approximately 32% of the total number of our shares outstanding, the US holdings represent approximately 19% of the total numbers of our shares outstanding and the UK holdings represent approximately 25% of the total number of our shares. The remaining ownership is controlled for the most part by investors domiciled in other European countries.

2. What is the address of PGS’ headquarters?
Lilleakerveien 4C
N-0216 Oslo, Norway

3. What is PGS’ fiscal year and corresponding earnings release dates?
PGS’ fiscal year runs from 1 January to 31 December.  Key earnings dates are listed in the Investor Relations Financial Calendar.

4. What is the debt rating on PGS?
Moodys has a Caa1 rating with Negative Outlook from 17 February 2021 on PGS, while S&P has a CCC+ rating with Negative Outlook on the Company from 5 February 2021. 
5. Does PGS pay dividends?
PGS has a dividend policy aiming at distributing 25-50% of net income as dividends over the business cycle.

6. When is the next Annual General Meeting?
PGS’ Annual General Meeting of Shareholders is held each year before the end of June. Please view our Financial Calendar under Investor Relations for more information.

7. How can I contact investor relations at PGS?
You can reach investor relations at PGS by sending us an e-mail at ir@pgs.com.


Shares FAQ

Who is custodial bank for PGS Ordinary Shares?
DnB Bank ASA,
Registrar Services
PO Box 1600 Sentrum
NO-0021 Oslo, Norway.

Phone:+47 232 68 021


Where are PGS Ordinary Shares traded?
The Oslo Stock Exchange under the symbol “PGS”.

How do I buy PGS Ordinary Shares?
You can buy PGS' Ordinary Shares by contacting a stock broker or an investment advisor.

How can I find out how many Ordinary Shares I have?
You can obtain information about your account balance by contacting your registrar investor, that is your bank or broker that opened your Verdipapirsentralen (VPS) account.

Who should I notify of a change of address?
You can change your address by contacting your registrar investor, that is your bank or broker that opened your Verdipapirsentralen (VPS) account.

What is the ADR/Ordinary Share ratio?
One ADR represents one Ordinary Share.