IR Policy

Our Board of Directors is committed to openness in reporting of financial results and other relevant information, taking into account the requirement for equal treatment of all participants in the securities market. As a listed company, we comply with relevant regulations regarding disclosure. Announcements are released through Oslo Stock Exchange’s Company Disclosure System and through relevant channels in the US market. In addition, all announcements are available on www.pgs.com.

Dividend Policy

 According to its dividend policy PGS aims to distribute 20-50% of net income as dividends over the business cycle.

Shareholder Policy

All information from us that is considered relevant for our shareholders is published via the Oslo Stock Exchange (OSE) and posted on www.pgs.com. We hold public presentations and arrange conference calls in relation to our quarterly results. We host an annual Capital Markets Day, and our management visits regularly investors in the USA, UK, and continental Europe as well as attending external conferences.