GeoStreamer PURE

Integrated regional datasets of exceptionally high quality are available for Australia's Northwest Shelf and four areas of the Norwegian Continental Shelf. GeoStreamer PURE data is created using advanced imaging workflows to merged multisensor GeoStreamer 3D data. This premium product offers exceptional value for exploration in mature and frontier areas. This is data you can drill on.

Dive into the Detail
Merged GeoStreamer data

Dive into the Detail

Whether you want to investigate a new approach to the Barents Sea, or you are searching for nearfield, infrastructure-led opportunities (ILX) or new plays close to existing infrastructure in Browse Basin or offshore Norway, GeoStreamer PURE is ideal for all your exploration needs.

  • Explore the regional structure, identify leads and develop prospects
  • A unified interpretation approach can be applied throughout each dataset
  • Variable size licensing to fit any project
  • 110 000 sq. km of GeoStreamer data, so far

Modern broadband 3D datasets have been created across five key fairways. Each area is merged and depth processed, using imaging workflows that include full-waveform inversion (FWI), reflection tomography, and advanced depth migration algorithms. We have developed special processing flows for each zone.  The result is integrated regional coverage, with high quality guaranteed by using multisensor GeoStreamer data and the best imaging available.

As it is comprised of 100% GeoStreamer data, prestack deghosting has allowed more imaging options. The multisensor data, with their complementary ghost spectra, eliminate frequency gaps to deliver full-frequency coverage. Rich low-frequency content provides clearer reservoir details. Access to separated wavefield components has permitted us to include advanced processing processes, such as separated wavefield imaging (PGS SWIM), full waveform inversion (FWI), and reflection tomography (hyperTomo), to create a product that supports all stages of the exploration journey.

These large-scale MultiClient datasets allow you to explore the regional structure, identify leads and plan how to exploit them. Once prospects are identified, you can derisk with precise rock properties to understand the rock and fluid distribution, then estimate reserves using reliable attribute computations. GeoStreamer benefits are proven in all play types.

GeoStreamer PURE datasets can be acquired as a whole, or accessed in smaller parts to fit exactly your project requirements. Coverage continues to expand.