GeoStreamer X

GeoStreamer X combines multisensor broadband fidelity with rich azimuth illumination. Acquisition design can include wide-tow sources, dense streamers for improved near-offset distribution, and long streamers for accurate velocity model building. The strategy can be applied to upgrade data in any geological regime.

Redefining Multi-Azimuth Towed-Streamer Seismic

PGS pioneered multi-azimuth (MAZ) imaging for improved target illumination. GeoStreamer X takes the solution one step further to deliver rich azimuthal data with broadband frequencies. With configurations tailored to targets, added benefits can be achieved from wide-tow sources and dense streamer spreads to resolve complex exploration targets.

The GeoStreamer X configuration can be applied to new surveys in frontier areas or to overshoot existing GeoStreamer data for a rapid upgrade.

GeoStreamer X MAZ
GeoStreamer X enables faster access to offset- and azimuth-rich data.


Key Advantages of GeoStreamer X

  • Cost-effective multi-azimuth illumination 
  • Delivers high-quality exploration data up to five times faster than node acquisition
  • Long or extra-long offsets for reliable FWI velocity model building, which can be used as an independent tool for exploration
  • Wide-tow sources for optimal near offset coverage, reduced turnaround, and reliable AVO analyses
  • Multi-sources for improved dense spatial sampling and efficiency
  • Deep tow GeoStreamer for best signal-to-noise
  • Considerably reduced cost and turnaround - single vessel set up for shallow targets
  • Less environmental footprint of using a single vessel for shallow targets, and reduced risk of area conflicts with fisheries
GeoStreamer X_Efficient_Accurate_Dense
GeoStreamer X upgrades the quality of exploration data for acquisition efficiency, reliable velocity model building, and with dense sampling for high-resolution images.