Target Depth Adaptability

PGS’ pioneering source and streamer configuration can be tailored for every geological challenge, deep or shallow.

Additional azimuthal sampling produces even better imaging. Using extra-long offsets for Full Waveform Inversion (FWI) results in more accurate velocity models, as was proven by the 2018 Barents Sea data over the Hammerfest Basin and Finnmark Platform. The towing capacity of our high-capacity Ramform vessels enable wide-sources as well as longer and denser streamer spreads. Wide-tow sources are particularly applicable for shallow water, shallow target surveys, such as in the Barents Sea. 

GeoStreamer X_Shallow Targets
Wide-tow sources improve near-offset sampling for accurate AVO analysis of shallow targets. Extra-long streamers provide long offsets for even more accurate FWI.


The success of the GeoStreamer X pilot survey over the Viking Graben proves the robustness of the GeoStreamer X concept in operation and underlines the inimitable towing prowess of the Ramform. The GeoStreamer X pilot was designed to address the key imaging challenges of this mature exploration area, where key exploration and field development objectives suffer from illumination and resolution challenges associated with injectites, v-brights, and thin chalk layers deposited on top of the main reservoir targets. Significantly improved near-offset sampling records the near-incidence angle information to enable accurate AVO analysis. This was facilitated with two additional acquisition directions, complementary to existing GeoStreamer data coverage, with the widest-ever source separation towed by a single streamer vessel on a commercial project.

GeoStreamer X is also applicable for deeper targets. Our Brazil Campos Deepwater survey used 14 long streamers towed from a single Ramform vessel. PGS concept studies for presalt exploration in the Santos Basin have resulted in fit-for-purpose towed multi-azimuth geometries with 20 km effective offsets for FWI and improved imaging of deep reservoir targets.

GeoStreamer X_Deep Targets
Flexible source solutions are available for the deepest targets, including an extra streamer vessel for achieving long-offsets, and multi-source options with wide or standard tow.