Subsea Equipment

PGS OptoSeis® multicomponent sensors recover more seismic energy and benefit from high dynamic range, superior fidelity, low crosstalk, and a pressure-balanced design. With a system noise floor well below offshore environments, the result is superior data quality.

OptoSeis subsea equipment

PGS optical sensors are based upon Michelson interferometers that observe a proportional phase shift in the coherent light when sensing seismic signals. Three orthogonally mounted accelerometers are collocated with a hydrophone within each PGS OptoSeis receiver station. All four components are completely passive fiberoptic devices and fully pressure balanced for unparalleled depth capability.

  • DNV certified for 99.2% reliability in water depths up to 3000 m.
  • Large Dynamic Range: 4 MPa @ 1 Hz to 20 kPa @ 200 Hz 
  • Single-tone over 200 dB @ 1 Hz to 160 dB @ 200 Hz
  • Pressure-balanced without compromising fiber reliability or system performance for deployment in the deepest subsea fields

PGS OptoSeis sensors are innovative and integral to providing better information and better decisions.

Array Cable

Based on high channel count single mode fiber, this lightweight cable design has a diameter of just 20.7 mm yet tensile strength to support safe deployment in 3000 m water depths. The hybrid design of easily accessible, pressure-balanced tubes and redundantly-sealed, atmospheric through-tubes accommodates varying sensor spacing and individual array lengths up to 70 km. When necessary, this durable cable can be combined with a variety of field-proven, flowline crossing accessories for even more abrasion and crush resistance.