Topside Equipment

The topside and subsea portions of the PGS OptoSeis® system are connected through a riser umbilical. This can be retrofitted as a stand-alone trunk line, or integrated as an optical core within a larger electrohydraulic production umbilical for cost savings in new field developments. Support infrastructure such as power, HVAC, optical deck cables, and IEC zone-rated junction boxes can utilize existing platform capacity, or be integrated in the PGS OptoSeis topside system for independent operation.

OptoSeis topside equipment rack

Sophisticated PGS OptoSeis optoelectronics collect, demultiplex, and perform high speed analog/digital conversion of returned seismic signals. Designed for low power consumption and minimal footprint, PGS OptoSeis uses a containerized system that can accommodate 50 000 channels with integrated HVAC and work stations in a 20ft ISO container. 

Rack-and-stack packaging of PGS OptoSeis optoelectronics is scalable up to one million channels, and easily adaptable to instrument rooms, turrets and containers. Making this a truly flexible solution.