Towed Streamer EM Acquisition

This fast and efficient system deploys an electromagnetic receiver cable at down to 100 m depth and a powerful horizontal dipole source at 10 m depth to generate an EM field that penetrates the earth. Highly sensitive receiver electrodes detect fluctuations in the field from which subsurface resistive anomalies can be derived

Simultaneous Acquisition of EM and GeoStreamer®

For the ultimate in exploration efficiency and risk mitigation, the PGS Towed Streamer EM system can be towed simultaneously with GeoStreamer. This permits fast data acquisition (up to 5 knots), of both 2D broadband seismic and high-density 3D EM, from a single vessel.

Both datasets are QC'd and processed onboard, to produce inversion-ready field data, which can be inverted and then integrated for interpretation on a regional and/or prospect scale. PGS has demonstrated the efficiencies gained using simultaneous acquisition projects in the Celtic Sea (south of Ireland) and in the Barents Sea. 

Schematic showing simultaneous EM and GeoStreamer acquisitionSimultaneous EM and GeoStreamer acquisition

EM Only 

Where seismic data already exists, the system can gather EM only data. The technology is easy to deploy, highly flexible and can be installed on a standard survey vessel. In 2014, PGS used a third-party vessel to acquire high-density EM data in the Barents Sea.

As the operation is very similar to a towed streamer seismic layout, a seismic vessel needs very little adaptation to operate the Towed Streamer EM system.


EM only - deployed in areas of existing seismic dataEM only acquisition