EM Feasibility Studies

To determine if Towed Streamer EM is the correct technology to de-risk the exploration screening, pre-drill, or production optimization decision-making process, conduct an EM feasibility study on your project.


Higher senstivity comes from high density data. Note reduction in sensitivity as data density reduces.Higher sensitivity comes from high-density data. Note reduction in sensitivity as data density reduces.

To ensure that Towed Streamer EM is suited to a specific exploration or characterization project, PGS conducts EM feasibility studies. A typical feasibility study involves modeling a number of different scenarios. Variables that are assessed include but are not limited to water depth, target depth, target and background resistivity, and target size.

The forward modeling uses realistic background resistivity values and includes noise extracted from field data, thus ensuring the process reflects reality as closely as possible. Once the forward modeling is complete, we can further test the ability of Towed Streamer EM to image specific targets by running the synthetic data through an inversion. The process means PGS clients can be confident in the application of Towed Streamer EM technology to their unique exploration scenario.

For more details or to enquire about conducting a feasibility study please contact EM@pgs.com.