Survey Planning & Design

Successful seismic acquisition requires planning and modeling, in order to understand the risks and the target. Risk assessment encompasses operational, environmental, and commercial parameters.

Modeling of the output and propagation of sound for the survey location is a routine part of our preparation, paired with an impact assessment for time and place. Our assessments are based on desk research and consultations, which include dialog with local stakeholders to minimize the impact of our activities on other users of the ocean, such as fisheries.

Any research of the potential impacts of a survey requires a reliable model of the survey outputs. Our geophysical experts carefully match our suite of acquisition technology and solutions, against the geological and imaging challenges at the location.

Survey Design and Modeling

Nucleus, our survey modeling software, uses sensor locations, receiver array and source geometries, acquisition systems and filters, as well as structural and petrophysical information, extracted from the recorded data at the reservoir target.

PGS survey design studies begin with accurate modeling and measurement of the source. This makes it possible to separate the effects of sources and systems from results that can be purely attributed to the propagation of sound through the earth. 

PGS has nearly 30 years of experience in advanced software development and pre-survey planning. Nulceus+ is the leading software solution for seismic survey modeling, used by energy companies, environmental authorities, and most seismic contractors. PGS supports customers worldwide through a globally-distributed team of geophysical experts.