Survey Design & Modeling

It is important to understand the recording parameters when designing a survey and the relationship between cause and effect. Nucleus® uses sensor locations, receiver array and source geometries on the surface, recording instruments and filters, as well as structural and petrophysical information, extracted from the recorded data at the reservoir target.

Assuming source characteristics can be accurately modeled or measured, it should be possible to separate source and system effects on the seismic wavefield from those that can be purely attributed to the propagation through the earth. It is this source-system-model description of the survey design process that is the foundation for all PGS survey design studies.

Source characteristics modeling using Nucleus+Nucleus source output modeling showing variation with sub-array separation

Elastic Modeling

Various algorithms are used to carry out elastic modeling of seismic wave propagation, allowing us to fully understand all aspects of the recorded information. The modeling tools in the Nucleus+ package, each incorporate the full acquisition system response for any given survey. Based on over 20 years of research and development, Nucleus+ has become the tool of choice for many oil companies and geophysical service providers. 

Nucleus+ is the leading elastic modeling package for seismic. It enhances user efficiency by automating many modeling-related tasks and procedures. The Nucleus+ platform offers:

  • A fully integrated system of state-of-the-art seismic modeling tools
  • Realistic survey definitions for modern seismic acquisition techniques
  • Realistic weather and seismic interference noise simulation creating very accurate analyses
  • A unique combination of seismic with marine source modeling inclusive of source and receiver directivity effects
  • Modeling of received sound exposure level (SEL) for environmental considerations
  • Accurate prediction of infill requirements as the foundation for proactive infill strategies


Nucleus+ simulated wavefrontsNucleus+ simulated wavefronts on a velocity model

PGS has over 20 years of advanced software development and experience in pre-survey planning services. We support customers worldwide through a globally-distributed team of geophysical experts.