The Nucleus+ software solution is the market leader for elastic modeling of seismic surveys. The package automates many modeling-related tasks and procedures, enhancing user efficiencyVarious algorithms permit elastic modeling of seismic wave propagation, allowing users to fully understand all aspects of the recorded information. 

Elastic Modeling

Each of the modeling tools in the Nucleus+ package incorporates the full acquisition system response for any given survey. Based on over 20 years of research and development, Nucleus+ has become the tool of choice for oil companies and geophysical service providers. 

The Nucleus+ platform offers:

  • A fully integrated system of state-of-the-art seismic modeling tools
  • Realistic survey definitions for modern seismic acquisition techniques
  • Realistic weather and seismic interference noise simulation creating very accurate analyses
  • A unique combination of seismic with marine source modeling inclusive of source and receiver directivity effects
  • Modeling of the received sound exposure level (SEL) for environmental considerations
  • Accurate prediction of infill requirements as the foundation for proactive infill strategies

Source characteristics modeling using Nucleus+Nucleus source output modeling showing variation with sub-array separation


Nucleus+ simulated wavefrontsNucleus+ simulated wavefronts on a velocity model