16th International Congress of the Brazilian Geophysical Society

PGS is proud to be the main sponsor of this year’s International Congress of the Brazilian Geophysical Society and EXPOGEf. Visit us on stand 13. Vejo você no SBGf!

2019 marks the 40th anniversary of the formation of the Brazilian Geophysical Society (SBGf) making this year's event at the Súl América Convention Center particularly exciting. Our experts will be delighted to discuss with you the current exploration challenges offshore Brazil and PGS solutions to address them.

Technical Program

20 August



New 4D imaging approaches with atypical sparse seismic acquisitions for reservoir monitoring by Didier Lecerf


Least-squares migration with angle gathers by Alejandro Valenciano


High-resolution Seismic imaging in the Santos Basin, Brazil and its impact on Salt Mechanics by Hermann Lebit

21 August



A methodology utilizing continuous source and receiver side wavefields by Jostein Lima


Refining complex models with FWI using long-offset towed-streamer acquisitions by Nizar Chemingui


Continuous wavefields methodology - A field trial in the Potiguar Aracati area, Brazil by Jostein Lima

22 August



Rejuvenation of seismic data in Santos and Campos Basins with Full Waveform Inversion and high-resolution imaging by Alejandro Alcudia-Leon