Come by the PGS booth (502) to find out how our MultiClient data library and advanced acquisition and imaging technology can help unlock opportunities and derisk open acreage offshore Africa. License round support, supporting specific prospects and extending asset life in a cost-efficient manner.

PGS at  ICE 2018

Monday 5th November
  • Salt mechanics and its impact on pre-salt reservoirs in the Santos Basin Basin,Cyrille Reiser et al.
  • The underexplored shelf-edge plays of Togo, Benin, and Northwest Nigeria, Matt Tyrrell
Tuesday 6th November
  • Why is everyone excited about São Tomé and Principe? Matt Tyrrell
  • Broadband Seismic for improved geosciences integration and increased end-user value: examples through E&P asset life with an offshore Africa focus, Cyrille Reiser
Wednesday 7th November
  • Successes, Challenge and Future Opportunities in the Kwanza and Benguela Basins of Angola, Matt Tyrrell


Africa Licensing Opportunities

Read our feature story: New Licensing and Prospectivity in Africa and the Middle East 

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Location: Cape Town, South Africa

Venue: Cape Town International Convention Center

About the conference:

The AAPG International Conference and Exhibition (ICE) promises high-quality geoscience data and information. This event gathers geoscientists and petroleum industry professionals from over 60 countries to build their knowledge and skills, discover technology innovations and network with peers.