CIEHC-3rd Congo International Hydrocarbons Conference & Exhibition

Benefit from PGS technology offshore Congo. Better data enables more effective exploration. Our seismic data library focuses on areas of high prospectivity with good potential for accessing acreage. Meet us at booth #3 and #4 to discuss your needs.

Engage with our PGS experts to get insight and knowledge about our MultiClient Africa data library and find out how PGS technology can support your Congo exploration plans. Learn more about our new long-offset GeoStreamer data illuminating block Marine XX, offshore Congo. 

Stop by our booth to catch the latest updates on our leading-edge imaging solutions, reservoir services, and pioneering marine acquisition technologies. 

Join our presentation.

Title Presenter Date Session
PGS Technology in Congo Mark Martin
Vice President Business Development
MultiClient Africa
25 Apr      The Development of Oil and Gas Technology,
between 13:30 – 14:30

For further details kindly refer to the conference program.


For more information please contact us or meet our experts at booth #3 and #4. 


Location: Brazzaville, Republic of Congo

Venue: Palais des Congres

Registration: Sign up here!


About the conference: CIEHC-3 will be a turnkey event covering the opportunities and challenges associated with doing business in the Republic of Congo's hydrocarbons sector. CIEHC is established as the leading oil and gas event in the Central African region. The main theme of the event is "The Congolese Petroleum Industry: Challenges and Perspectives".