EAGE Marine Acquisition Workshop 2018

How have advances in different fields of marine acquisition impacted exploration decision making? A series of case study presentations and keynote speakers will outline their view of challenges and advances in the industry.

Managing the signal that we send into the earth can have as important an effect on the quality of the result as the method of recording. Martin Widmaier is a member of the steering committee for this EAGE workshop and a keynote speaker. He and other PGS experts are looking forward to this industry event in Oslo, 22-24 August.

  • Day 1: Seismic Source Technology
    Keynote: Why Bother About the Source? - J. Helgesen (Equinor)
  • Day 2: Advances in Marine Seismic Acquisition: the Receiver Side
    Keynote: Reflection on Ten Years of Multi-Sensor Towed Streamers Lessons and Successes - M. Widmaier (PGS)
  • Day 3: Marine Acquisition: Non-Seismic Methods
    Keynote: Acquisition and Application Of Aero-Magnetometry in Norway and on the Norwegian Shelf - M. Broenner (NGU)