EAGE/SEG Workshop on Marine Multicomponent Seismic

This joint EAGE / SEG workshop will look at the evolution of marine multicomponent seismic yesterday, today, tomorrow, with deliberations over various technical issues related to the application of the technology.

PGS Event KL 27-29 August, 2018

Marine multicomponent seabed seismic has evolved rapidly over the last decade. Although the initial application of two-component seabed seismic was aimed at acquiring good quality seismic coverage around obstructed fields, the application has advanced significantly to get high-quality broadband multicomponent seismic data. 

PGS will present two papers at this workshop on imaging and technology:

Tuesday 28 August 2018 
Session 5: Advances in Multicomponent Seismic Imaging Time-Lapse 3D
Ocean Bottom Seismic Imaging Using Separated Wavefields - A. Long*, D. Lecerf (PGS)

Wednesday 29 August 2018 
Session 8: Multicomponent Streamer Technology
Multi-Sensor Streamer and OBS Design Considerations for the Cross-Line Sampling Component of Seismic Imaging - A. Long*, D. Lecerf, J. Oukili, G. Rønholt, S. Lu, and N. Chemingui (PGS)