First EAGE Workshop on Practical Reservoir Monitoring

Learn how our latest permanent reservoir monitoring solutions can enable asset teams to better understand the dynamic behavior of their reservoir. This increased understanding can lead to improved oil and gas recovery.

Installing seismic sensors permanently on the seafloor maximizes seismic signal recovery from reservoir zones. This means much smaller production-related changes can be detected over shorter repeat intervals than those achievable with time-lapse towed streamer surveys.

PGS OptoSeis® uses sensors that have been optimized for permanent installation, with recording technology that provides superior dynamic range and the broadest seismic bandwidth.

PGS OptoSeis has no insea electrical components. Fiberoptic technology makes the system more reliable, safer and easier to deploy.

From design to installation, acquisition, imaging, and interpretation, PGS provides a full turnkey solution for permanent reservoir monitoring, so our clients can enjoy excellent data quality for the life of the field.

Join our presentations.

Topic Presenter Date       Start Duration   

We PRM 06:  
Maximize Value with Efficient Next Generation Fiberoptic Monitoring Solutions     

Didier Lecerf
4D Chief Technology

08 Mar             


15 min

We PRM 12:  
Permanent Reservoir Monitoring at Jubarte Field – 4D Results and Reservoir Characterization                                                                     

Aaron Smith
Business Development Manager          

08 Mar


15 min

Th PRM 06:  
Very Sparse OBS Acquisition for 3D/4D Reservoir Imaging with High-order Multiples. Application to Jubarte PRM       

Didier Lecerf
4D Chief Technology

09 Mar


15 min

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Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Venue: Hotel Casa

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About the workshop:
 The aim of this workshop is to investigate how reservoir monitoring processes – utilizing geophysical, geomechanical and reservoir engineering data – can be optimized in order to realize the full recovery potential of any oil and gas field, with an emphasis on practical applications of integrated studies incorporating use of reservoir monitoring data by reservoir engineers, production engineers and others.