HGS/PESGB Africa E&P Conference 2018

Big continent, big ideas and big opportunities is the theme of this event and PGS is ready to support all of those with advanced technology, superior seismic data based on attributes you can rely on, and a comprehensive high-quality data library.

Africa is hot with recent discoveries along the transform margin, salt basins, and carbonate reefs, as well as new play ideas. There are a host of opportunities that are waiting to be explored and PGS is ready to assist. 

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Contact: amme.info@pgs.com

PGS Stand:  16

Event: HGS / PESGB 2018

Location:  Houston

Organizer site: africa-ep-conference-2018

About the Event

The 17th Annual Africa Conference convened by the Houston Geological Society and the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain will be held September 10-13, 2018 at the Norris Conference Center in Houston. The program’s Theme of Big Continent, Big Ideas and Big Opportunities will include technical presentations on the petroleum opportunities highlighted in recent discoveries, post appraisal of discoveries over the last ten years, new play concepts in onshore rift basinsand a seismic showcase.