PESGB | Geophysics Seminar 2020

PGS will attend the PESGB Geophysics Seminar 2020. The seminar will consider the latest geophysical acquisition technologies and methodologies impacting on hydrocarbon reservoir risk, field development, and reservoir production success.

This event will be made available as a live stream. More information will follow. 

Topics of Interest

• 3D and 4D ocean bottom seismic acquisition geometry
• Marine seismic vibrator
• Leveraging recent innovations in seismic processing to optimize the design of marine seismic surveys
• Designing and assessing the value of source-over streamer acquisition
• Sub-sill illumination in shallow water: a rich azimuth solution
• Case studies from West of Shetlands to offshore Angola

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Event Summary

Event: PESGB Geophysics Seminar 2020

Date: 12-13 May 2020

Location: Online / The Geological Society of London, Piccadilly, W1J 0BD, London