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Our panel of experts will be on hand at this live event to answer your questions about our integrated 4D services, from acquisition to imaging, feasibility to QI.


Find out how PGS can solve your 4D challenges and provide tailor-made solutions to enable you to extract more, optimize your assets and enhance production.

Register now for this live event | Thursday 25 March | 14:00 CET | 08:00 CST | 21:00 SGT | 55 mins


05 mins  |  Welcome  |  with Tony Martin
10 mins  |  PGS 4D Solutions – Extract, Optimize, Enhance |  with Allan McKay
10 mins  |  Solving Your 4D Challenges |  with Cyrille Reiser
25 mins  |  Ask the experts - We answer your questions on PGS 4D Solutions  |  Panelists
05 mins  |  Conclusions  |  with Tony Martin

Meet the Presenters

Tony Martin - Host

Tony Martin

Tony Martin

Geophysical Advisor

Read Bio Tony Martin - Host

Martin Widmaier - Panelist

Martin Widmaier

Martin Widmaier

Chief Geophysicist

Read Bio Martin Widmaier - Panelist

Allan McKay - Panelist / Presenter

Allan McKay

Allan McKay

4D Technology & Business Development

Read Bio Allan McKay - Panelist / Presenter

Cyrille Reiser - Panelist / Presenter

Cyrille Reiser

Cyrille Reiser

Global QI Lead

Read Bio Cyrille Reiser - Panelist / Presenter


PGS Live | Extract More – The PGS 4D Solution

PGS Live | Extract More – The PGS 4D Solution

What, Where, Why: Ask the Experts

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