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Our panel of experts was on hand at this live event to answer your questions about our cutting-edge simultaneous inversion, PGS Ultima.​ See what they had to say in our on-demand version.


PGS has combined FWI and LSM in a single simultaneous inversion to deliver accurate velocity models, and images with reliable attributes quicker. Speed up your decision-making process with PGS Ultima.

Available on demand. Watch a recording of this live event at a time that suits you.


05 mins | Welcome  |  with Christine Roche
10 mins | PGS Ultima – Better images faster | with Øystein Korsmo
10 mins | PGS Ultima – Delivering accurate velocity models and reliable amplitudes in an accelerated timeframe | with Alastair Lewis
25 mins | Ask the experts - We answer your questions on PGS Ultima | with Nathan Oliver, Øystein Korsmo, and Alastair Lewis
05 mins | Conclusions | with Christine Roche

Meet the Presenters

Christine Roche - Host

Christine Roche

Christine Roche

Sales Manager

Read Bio Christine Roche - Host

Øystein Korsmo - Panelist / Presenter

Øystein Korsmo

Øystein Korsmo

Principal Geophysicist

Read Bio Øystein Korsmo - Panelist / Presenter

Alastair Lewis - Panelist / Presenter

Alastair Lewis

Alastair Lewis

VP Business Development

Read Bio Alastair Lewis - Panelist / Presenter

Nathan Oliver - Panelist / Presenter

Nathan Oliver

Nathan Oliver

EVP Sales and Services

Read Bio Nathan Oliver - Panelist / Presenter


PGS Ultima | Webinar

PGS Ultima | Webinar

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