Second EAGE/PESGB Workshop on Velocities

Despite considerable improvements in seismic data quality and imaging algorithms, velocities and earth models remain the key challenge for depth prediction. 

The EAGE and PESGB have joined forces to establish a series of workshops to address this and other issues involved in velocities. In this second workshop, the focus is on all aspects of reducing uncertainties; including applications in seismic imaging, velocity model building, pore pressure prediction, depth conversion, and drilling.

There will be four presentations by PGS:

  • Use of a robust norm in reducing FWI uncertainty in the presence of cycle skipping - J. Ramos-Martinez, A. A. Valenciano, N. Chemingui and T. Martin
  • Sample size automation in a pseudo-random model uncertainty workflow - T. Martin
  • Integrating FWI models and broadband data for elastic property generation, what is appropriate? - T. Martin, C. Reiser
  • Deep updates - challenges and solutions for FWI - N. Chemingui, A. A. Valenciano and T. Martin