Acquisition Starts Offshore Sabah on Malaysia’s First MultiClient 3D Survey

Sabah MultiClient 3D Phase 1 has begun. This 5 106 sq. km GeoStreamer® survey will be completed by the end of 2016, with initial data available Q2 2017.

PGS has deployed the Ramform Sovereign, equipped with multisensor GeoStreamer technology, to acquire the first-ever MC3D survey offshore Malaysia. This project, supported by industry funding, is the initial phase of a larger MultiClient 3D program that will cover the greater NW Sabah area.

Sabah MultiClient 3D Phase 1 lies in the deep waters of NW Sabah, a frontier area with limited seismic and well data. New plays are targeted in the Oligocene - Miocene carbonate and syn-rift sections. This GeoStreamer seismic dataset will deliver the highest caliber imaging of the syn-rift section below the carbonates, to help de-risk and unlock the petroleum potential of deepwater Sabah.

Acquisition of Sabah MultiClient 3D Phase 1 commenced in early November and will be completed by year-end 2016, with PSTM and PSDM datasets available in Q2 and Q3 2017 respectively.