Acquisition Starts Offshore Sabah on Malaysia’s First MultiClient 3D Survey

Sabah MultiClient 3D Phase 1 has begun. This 5 106 sq. km GeoStreamer® survey will be completed by the end of 2016, with initial data available from Q2 2017.

PGS has deployed the Ramform Sovereign, equipped with multi-sensor GeoStreamer technology, to acquire the first-ever MultiClient 3D survey offshore Malaysia. The survey, supported by industry funding, is part of the first-ever offshore 3D MultiClient survey initiated by PETRONAS in Malaysia and is the first phase of a planned larger MultiClient 3D program in the NW Sabah area.

Sabah MultiClient 3D lies in the offshore of NW Sabah, located within a proven petroleum system that still ranks as one of the least explored basins in the world. Potential new plays are targeted in the Oligocene - Miocene carbonate and syn-rift sections. The GeoStreamer® seismic dataset will deliver the highest caliber imaging of the syn-rift section below the carbonates providing an opportunity to build an understanding of the regional petroleum system to unlock Sabah’s hydrocarbon potential. Access to acreage is important, and the survey's location contains significant running room with >50% of the total area to be made available as open and relinquished blocks in the future. 

Acquisition of Sabah MultiClient 3D Phase 1 commenced early November and will be completed by yearend 2016, with PSTM and PSDM datasets available in Q2 and Q3 2017 respectively.