Meet PGS at Finding African Oil

An exciting new exploration frontier is opening on the western margin of offshore Côte d'Ivoire. Africa has plenty of oil and gas business opportunities - but working out where they are and what they offer is another matter. Here is one African exploration "sweet spot" that stands out.

In 2014 PGS in conjunction with Petroci and the DGH, acquired and processed over 2 200 sq. km of 3D GeoStreamer® data over CI-506 and CI-507 - two open blocks offshore Côte d'Ivoire. A major study of the data incorporating both geological and Quantitative Interpretation (QI) reveals multiple direct hydrocarbon indicators in this area.

The geological and QI projects completed on the CI-506 and CI-507 dataset have significantly de-risked the petroleum system in this area. With additional wells to be drilled this year, the western margin of the offshore Côte d'Ivoire is set to have an exciting exploration future.

Meet our Africa experts

Monday, January 25th , 2016
The Geological Society, London

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