PGS and RSI Sign EM Integration Patent Licensing Agreement

Under this agreement PGS is now able to develop its own integrated reservoir workflows using RSI patents related to seismic, EM, well log and rock physics integration.

In conjunction with our GeoStreamer® expertise and detailed reservoir understanding, this will allow us to offer clients a range of exciting new products and services.

PGS’ innovative simultaneous seismic and EM acquisition system not only revolutionizes acquisition efficiency but also provides richer EM datasets which are significantly higher density than traditional node-based CSEM data.

It is this high data density and richness in both offsets and frequencies that makes our EM data uniquely valuable in Reservoir Characterization and QI workflows.

Integrated seismic + EM products

Seismically guided inversion uses robust seismically defined geological features to guide the EM inversion process, improving resolution compared to unconstrained inversion.

With the new agreement, PGS is now able to include well log, rock physics and pre-stack broadband seismic inversion in workflows, as well as CSEM and seismic.

In an industry which increasingly recognizes the advantages of integration of all available geophysical data, this agreement provides PGS with another competitive advantage.

Under this licensing agreement PGS is now able to employ EM data in Reservoir Characterization and Quantitative Interpretation (QI). This broadens the application of seismic and Towed Streamer EM from exploration right through to field development, production optimization and beyond.