PGS Completes Acquisition of Fortaleza MultiClient 3D on the Equatorial Margin of Brazil

Ramform Atlas completed acquisition ahead of schedule, despite challenging currents and weather offshore Brazil. Fast-track data is available now.

PGS has completed acquisition of the 7 300 sq. km Ceará Basin “Fortaleza” MultiClient 3D survey on the Equatorial Margin of Brazil. The survey enjoys significant industry pre-funding and marks the first use of a Ramform Titan-class vessel, the Ramform Atlas, in Brazil.

The powerful combination of the Titan-class design and GeoStreamer® technology maximized productivity. The vessel operated efficiently despite strong currents and difficult weather conditions to complete acquisition ahead of schedule. Towing the entire GeoStreamer array at one depth simultaneously aided acquisition, assured data integrity and produced the higher resolution imaging needed for the area's stratigraphic plays. 

Fast-track time migration seismic data is ready for licensing now, and final pre-stack time and pre-stack depth data products will be available later in 2016. 

The Ramform Atlas has now moved further east on Brazil’s Equatorial Margin, and begun acquisition of the Potiguar Basin “Aquiraz” MultiClient 3D survey. This 2 700 sq. km project also has significant industry pre-funding and data products will be available in late 2016.

Ceará Basin “Fortaleza” survey BrazilCeará Basin “Fortaleza” MultiClient 3D survey on the Equatorial Margin of Brazil