PGS Danish License Round Coverage

Our latest GeoStreamer® survey is providing high resolution coverage of North Sea plays relevant for the 7th Danish Licensing Round. Initial data volumes will be available in May and August 2016.

offshore Denmark

The Danish part of the North Sea is a mature area with a well-developed infrastructure and continued exploration potential. This prefunded MultiClient acquisition extends our dual-sensor coverage to 3 450 sq. km in this sector. Coverage includes parts of the Danish Central Graben, the Tail End Graben, the Coffee Soil Fault, and a section of the Ringkøbing-Fyn High. 

Excellent opportunities for new exploration have been highlighted by the new surveys. Trapping potential is seen in the Jurassic sandstone layers, as well as in the Cretaceous and Paleocene chalk and sandstones. A Permian-Carboniferous sub-basin is now clearly exposed east of the Coffee Soil Fault. 

The project is acquired in two parts. Ramform Vanguard commenced Phase 2 in mid-March using a configuration of 10 x 8 km streamers, towed at 20 m depth with 75 m streamer separation. Data acquisition is now complete and a poststack time migrated volume after initial demultiple (3D SRME) will be available in August. Fast-track data from Phase 1 (acquired 2015) will be available in early May 2016.

Time and depth products will be available. PGS is using its latest Complete Wavefield Imaging technology on these data, exploiting the low frequency content of the GeoStreamer data. This workflow utilizes all recorded wavefields and incorporates SWIM, which uses sea-surface reflections to achieve greater illumination. It also includes the powerful Full Waveform Inversion technique which employs diving waves and refracted energy for more accurate velocity model building.

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Data for Danish 7th Round3D data for Danish 7th Round