PGS Licenses RSI Patents

PGS has entered into an agreement with Rock Solid Images (RSI) related to the integration of seismic, EM, well log and rock physics data. 

This agreement will allow PGS to offer a range of exciting new products and services based on RSI’s patented workflows, building on our GeoStreamer® expertise and detailed reservoir understanding.

PGS’ innovative Towed Streamer EM system not only revolutionizes acquisition efficiency but also generates richer datasets which are significantly higher density than those generated by traditional node-based methods.

It is this high data density and richness in both offsets and frequencies that make PGS EM data easier to integrate with seismic, and ideal for reservoir characterization.

Seismic + EM produces better interpretation

PGS is now able to use results from EM inversion, together with the well log, rock physics, and pre-stack broadband seismic data to produce superior interpretation results.

“The real value of CSEM data is extracted once it is fully integrated with seismic. This agreement allows us to develop more quantitative workflows so that Towed Streamer EM data can be used beyond exploration and into reservoir characterization,” says Jonathan Midgley, Vice President PGS EM.

“Our fantastic GeoStreamer technology is ideal for quantitative interpretation but the value is further improved when collocated with high-density EM data. Now we can integrate both these datasets in our workflows. Prestack AVO compliant GeoStreamer seismic combined with Towed Streamer EM, is a tremendous tool for prospect de-risking,” comments Cyrille Reiser, PGS Reservoir Characterization Director. 

 Towed Streamer EM at a glanceHigh-density EM + GeoStreamer seismic reduces drilling risk


Lucy MacGregor, CTO of RSI commented: “We have been working alongside PGS for some time now to help clients extract more information from their seismic and Towed Streamer EM data. This agreement allows PGS to employ the quantitative integration workflows developed by RSI to ensure robust, high-quality results for their clients.”