Ramform Titan Tows World’s Widest Spread Offshore Myanmar

The Ramform Titan working offshore Myanmar, in the Bay of Bengal, is towing the industry's first ever single vessel 18 streamer seismic operation. Over a mile across, this is the widest deployment on record.

The Ramform Titan seismic spread is 18 streamers, each 7.05 kilometers long, with 100 meter separation between the streamers. This makes a total spread width of 1.7 kilometers and represents close to 127 kilometers of streamers. If tied together end to end, this would reach from New York City to Philadelphia. The total surface area of the streamer spread is 15.6 square kilometers.

Although the Ramform Titan class is built to tow 24 streamers, this is the first time PGS has deployed 18. The ultra-large streamer count and 100 meter streamer separations employed on this project offshore Myanmar offer significant geophysical and project efficiency advantages.

The ultra-powerful and stable design of the Ramform Titan is able to deliver significantly higher acquisition efficiency with no compromise on data resolution. Whereas previous high streamer counts were achieved with wide tow configurations, this 18 x 100m tow would be impossible on a conventional seismic vessel. Managing such a vast array of complex in-sea electronics in the reality of the ocean represents an extreme degree of operational skill.

Unsurprisingly the project is setting new performance records, with the highest ever daily production for a single seismic vessel so far achieved with more than 160 square kilometers, unrivalled in the seismic industry.