Tethys Tangents Titan as Towing Titleholder

PGS has once again demonstrated mastery of the mega-tow: as flagship Ramform Tethys draws the world's largest seismic spread. 

The Ramform Tethys is currently working on her maiden project, a MultiClient survey over the Aasta Hansteen area of the Norwegian Sea, with a configuration of 16 streamers, each 8.1 km long, with streamer separation of 75 m.

The newest Ramform Titan-class has made her first project a new world towing record.

On Aasta Hansteen, Ramform Tethys is recording high-density 3D broadband seismic data from the largest amount of streamer ever towed behind a single vessel. The total spread tots up to 129.6 km of GeoStreamer® equipment.

The Ramform Tethys thereby exceeds the previous industry record, which was set by sister ship the Ramform Titan, in December 2015, for towing around 127 km of GeoStreamer during the first ever 18-streamer deployment in the Bay of Bengal. She, in turn, took the lead from Ramform Sovereign.

Thus, PGS crews confirm once again our reputation for extreme operational efficiency.

Per Arild Reksnes, EVP Operations commented: “I continue to be impressed by the ability of PGS crews to utilize the Titan-class vessels, as demonstrated by Ramform Tethys and her crew on Aasta Hansteen. The performance we see from competent crews and remarkable vessels is a great asset in a challenging market.”

Ramform Tethys commenced acquisition in June of a new 4 400 sq. km 3D GeoStreamer survey over the Aasta Hansteen area of the Norwegian Sea. This survey is due to be completed in August 2016, with fast track data available four months after the final shot. 

Ramform TethysPGS flagship the Ramform Tethys, 2016

Ramform Tethys, launched March 2016, represents an enormously stable platform with outstanding seakeeping characteristics, that is capable of taking full advantage of our GeoStreamer technology. Like her Titan-class sisters, she has the flexibility to encompass virtually any acquisition design. Safety, efficiency, and productivity are the best in the industry.