Western Egypt - Frontier Exploration Offshore

PGS has been selected by the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS) to supply the best available acquisition and imaging services for the Western Egypt Mediterranean Sea. Our premium quality MultiClient seismic data permits a full assessment of the hydrocarbon potential of this exciting frontier area.

Western Egypt

New Opportunities

GeoStreamer acquisition and unique PGS imaging technologies are revealing new hydrocarbon potential offshore western Egypt.

From south to north, the comparatively underexplored area covers a narrow shelf zone including the Matruh Canyon, a transform margin, parts of the Herodotus Basin and to the northwest the Herodotus Fold Belt.

This is a region that merits closer inspection, with the presence of proven Jurassic/Cretaceous oil and gas plays, Nile sourced Pliocene sandstones and potential pre-salt carbonate build-ups analogous to Zohr.

The project opens up an exciting exploration frontier. Modern reprocessing of existing seismic data and the addition of new GeoStreamer® acquisition will increase your understanding of the area, revealing new opportunities and permitting the development of new plays.

In 2016, PGS acquired 7 382 km of new GeoStreamer seismic data, plus gravity and magnetic data. Using survey vessel Atlantic Explorer this survey employed a 37.5m shot point interval, a 12 km long streamer and 14 seconds recording length.

PSTM stacks of reprocessed legacy 2D data are already available, and advanced PSDM products for both new and reprocessed lines will be delivered by early 2017.

Reprocessed PSTM dataOriginal legacy data compared with PSTM reprocessed 2016 by PGS.

Before you Bid

Early data access is crucial to maximizing knowledge and understanding of this frontier region prior to the opening of the anticipated licensing round in 2017. Ensure that you maintain a leading position in the development of the area. Attractive rates on legacy reprocessing products will be offered to clients who commit to the 2016 data.


For more information on this area or to view in advance the new PSTM imaging of legacy data please contact mcmiddleeast@pgs.com.

 PGS' seismic data coverage in the western zone of Egypt's territorial waters in the Mediterranean Sea.PGS' seismic data coverage in the western zone of Egypt's territorial waters in the Mediterranean Sea. The new GeoStreamer 2D MultiClient survey (purple) and the reprocessed legacy 2D lines (black).