ANPG Licensing Round Projection

In June 2019, a seven-year program of licensing rounds was announced by ANPG (Agência Nacional de Petróleo, Gás e Biocombustíveis). Some disruptions have been caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Specific blocks and basins are assigned to each License Round continuing until 2025, as shown in the figure below for offshore Angola. According to Presidential Decree 52/19, which defines the general strategy for the allocation of petroleum concessions, the blocks will be awarded by public tender, restricted public tender, and direct negotiation with clear timelines in place.

PGS data provides a solid foundation to build a regional understanding of the hydrocarbon potential offshore Angola for both pre- and postsalt exploration. Geoscience studies are available, enabling companies to fast-track geological understanding and derisk petroleum systems and plays ahead of bid applications.

Upcoming license rounds map offshore Angola superimposed on a PGS data coverage in the area.


The 2019 Bid Round showed significant interest from multiple companies including major operators; blocks were officially ratified in early 2021 on licenses in the frontier Namibe and Benguela basins. An onshore round originally scheduled for 2020 was postponed to January 2021 and bids were opened in July 2021. Six licenses onshore Kwanza Basin and three licenses onshore Lower Congo Basin were offered.

Offshore Kwanza and the Lower Congo Basin

Areas in the shallow water offshore Kwanza Shelf and the Lower Congo Basin will be offered in 2021. PGS data covers most of the available opportunities.

Our Kwanza shelf 3D GeoStreamer survey provides key data for the 2021 offshore bid round. The combination of 3D GeoStreamer technology with modern imaging techniques unlocks plays in shallow Kwanza shelf open blocks.

The dataset over Block 16, also in the 2021 Bid Round, supports further exploration of an offshore area that is surrounded by numerous oil and gas discoveries. Data quality is high and designed to expand understanding of the geological framework and hydrocarbon potential of Block 16.

The PGS Angola MegaSurvey is a regional dataset that can be used to rapidly screen areas for exploration ahead of 2021 offshore licensing. The MegaSurvey provides useful information on regional thickness trends, structural setting, depositional environments, and play fairways. Companies can high-grade areas for further exploration, including new acquisition and potential reprocessing.

PGS has a number of MultiClient 3D datasets over Block 24 and 25, both of which are included in the 2025 Bid Round. These 3D datasets have been converted into a modern multi-azimuth 3D volume, providing broader bandwidth presalt illumination.

The Kwanza 3D GeoStreamer data is ideal for prospect identification and analysis over Blocks 38 and 39, also on offer in 2025. High-quality data provides excellent imaging of the presalt structures and sediments, syn-rift, and sag-phase sediments.