From basin analysis, through play identification and lead generation, to prospect analysis and risking, we tailor our services to meet the needs of oil company exploration teams. Building on regional geological knowledge honed from our comprehensive data library, PGS  workflows provide a unique understanding of prospectivity to reduce exploration risk.

PGS provides advice and support through both technical and managerial aspects of exploration activities. The following table provides a summary of our geological, geophysical and data management services:

Exploration Phase

Regional, Basin & Play Analysis     Leads & Prospect Analysis     Resource Evaluation & Risking    
Geological Setting x x x
Gravity & Magnetics x    
Interpretation (Structural) x x x
Well Analysis x x x
Petrophysics x x x
Sequence Stratigraphy x    
Seismic Facies Analysis x x  
Play Fairway Mapping  x     
Basin Modeling x    
AVO/AVA Analysis x x x
Depth Conversion x x x
Pore Pressure Prediction   x x
Rock Physics Analysis x x  
Geohazard   x x
Towed Streamer EM  x x  
Data Room Support & Management  x    
GIS Data Management  x  x  
License Round Support  x  x  x
Regional, Basin & Play Analysis

Deepwater Miocene channel systems within the Congo MegaSurvey.Deepwater Miocene channel systems within the Congo MegaSurvey

PGS services cover both off-the-shelf products and tailored workflows. Access to our large data library of broadband and conventional seismic data has allowed PGS interpretation teams to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the offshore oil basins of the world that we draw upon in our regional datasets, studies and fully integrated interpretation services.

We apply this knowledge to our client’s data to provide insights into their acreage. A number of in-house regional and basin-scale products are available, and can serve as the basis for tailored exploration projects.

Our regional knowledge is derived from information on plate tectonics, gravity and magnetic data, as well as regional geology.

Combining analysis of the structure, source and seal characteristics of a reservoir as well as the distribution, we are able to evaluate the potential of a basin. Sedimentological environment studies, provenance area assessment and hydrocarbon generation potential are also examined to fully evaluate a prospect and to minimize risk in the exploration processes.

Leads & Prospect Analysis


PGS GeoStreamer® pre-stack seismic attributes for lead and prospect analysis over the HVG2013 dataset,  Halten Terrace.GeoStreamer prestack seismic attributes for lead and prospect analysis over a dataset from Halten Terrace

We have an extensive track record in prospectivity analysis on both the PGS data library and from client data. Our lead and prospect scale studies provide a rigorous assessment of potential hydrocarbon volumes and their associated risks.

Resource Evaluation & Risking

Hydrocarbon probability attributes shown for GRVLIN2012 dataset from the Viking Graben.Hydrocarbon probability attributes shown for a dataset from the Viking Graben

PGS experts provide independent resource evaluations and risking, from semi-regional to block level. We assist exploration companies in minimizing risk: quantifying resources by integrating seismic interpretation, attribute analysis, geological and well data, and correctly estimating resources and the exploration potential and risks (trap, source, seal and reservoir). Resource quantification and risking follows well known and respected industry-led guidelines.