License Round Support

PGS acts as a trusted partner for many governments and national oil companies and can manage exploration license rounds both offshore and onshore. Our extensive experience encompasses the definition of blocks, the promotion of the round, and we can assist in bid preparation.

In recent times, we have provided license round support to Cambodia, Greece, Lebanon, Cote d'Ivoire, Angola, and the Republic of Congo.

These projects typically involve close cooperation between PGS regional staff with government ministries and national oil companies in order to maximize success in upcoming license rounds.

Preparing for a license round we offer:

  • Full interpretation and prospectivity analysis on new and legacy seismic data
  • Well studies and correlation panels
  • Block and regional prospectivity reports
  • Creation of an ArcGIS database
  • Cataloging and databasing well data
  • Promotion including marketing material, presentations for road shows and conferences (including booth management)
  • Brokering of seismic data
  • Worldwide data rooms
  • Preparation of technical bid material for license application