Seismic Data Conditioning

Seismic data conditioning, using a Reservoir Oriented Processing (ResOP) workflow, is a key improvement for any quantitative seismic interpretation or reservoir characterization project using pre-stack seismic inversion technology. A tailored processing sequence is applied to remove noise and enhance amplitude, bandwidth and alignment and to condition the data specifically for quantitative interpretation.

Pre-stack gathers before and afterPre-stack gathers before and after Reservoir Oriented Processing (ResOP).

Prestack Data Conditioning Can Include:

  • Dense Velocity Picking (Residual NMO Correction)
  • Denoise
  • Demultiple
  • Q compensation
  • Residual Trim Statics Correction
  • Wavelet Destretching
  • Post Stack Matching
  • Zero Phasing
  • Angle Stack Generation

Post-stack Data Conditioning Can Include:

  • Stack Alignment
  • Structurally Oriented Filter (SOF)
  • Structurally Conformable Filter (SCFIL)