Code of Conduct

This code of conduct is adopted for PGS ASA and all of its subsidiaries and affiliated companies. It reflects our responsibility to our shareholders, customers and employees and our commitment to conduct our business with the utmost integrity.

The PGS Code of Conduct provides a framework for what PGS considers responsible conduct but is not exhaustive. As a PGS employee or agent, you should always strive to exercise good judgment, care, and consideration in your service for PGS.

Our Code of Conduct is an integration of our values and HSEQ commitments, our principles, and business practices. Our values are the foundation of how we conduct business. Our principles of conduct are how we maintain our values and we apply these principles to business practices that support the way we conduct business.

PGS Core Values provide the foundation for all our goals, policies, and actions. These offer clear guidelines on how we expect everyone at PGS to interact with their colleagues, suppliers, customers, and the people we encounter in our day-to-day work.