Compliance Hotline

These business practices are important elements of PGS’ effort to promote compliance with policies, laws, and regulations and to ensure appropriate business behavior. They are reviewed periodically to ensure they remain relevant.

Reporting Violations

Employees are encouraged to notify their supervisor or an appropriate PGS representative of any situations that appear to be inappropriate. This includes activities regarding policy violations, violations of laws and regulations or other ethical concerns.

Our legal department, human resource representatives, compliance personnel, and management are available to support all reports of suspected violations. Whether made anonymously or otherwise, these will be treated confidentially and will be investigated promptly, thoroughly and fairly.  Intimidation or retaliation against anyone making such a report will not be tolerated.

Concerns may be communicated by telephone, online, in person, or by calling the Compliance Hotline.    All violations and suspected violations will be investigated according to our Hotline procedure.

All employees have an obligation to notify their supervisors, or other appropriate PGS representatives of suspected violations of law or failures to adhere to PGS business practices.

Contact the Hotline

To voice concerns about suspected violations, PGS employees and other stakeholders are encouraged to contact the hotline online, or by phone. This service is available worldwide 24/7.

Compliance Hotline

Direct worldwide +1 704 943 0136

Toll free USA / Canada +1 888 289 4042

Toll free Norway  +47 800 14471