Environmental Impact of Seismic

Our operations aim to generate as much high-quality seismic data as possible, however, it is our responsibility to ensure we do so with the least amount of environmental impact and interference with the activities other users of the oceans.

The oceans of the world are our working place. We operate across the globe in a range of environments and we share our working place with many others that rely on the oceans for their income or sustenance.

Our Commitments

To fulfill our environmental ambitions, we are committed to reducing the risk of harm to the environment, complying with legal requirements and industry standards, and achieving continual improvement in our environmental performance. Our materiality assessment identified three key environmental indicators: Environmental compliance, biodiversity, energy, and emissions.

ISO Certification

PGS has been ISO 14001 certified since 2012. A formal commitment to continual improvements in our environmental performance ensures that our management system and practices are in line with best practices.