Carbon Counts - example

Our UK Weybridge office is designed for efficiency and home to an award-winning data processing facility. To find out if we could do even more to reduce energy use PGS initiated a study of carbon management and energy efficiency at this location.


Taking the energy efficiency challenge

PGS is committed to reducing its energy use and carbon emissions. As part of the UK Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme, our UK operation aims to make efficiencies year-on-year from a baseline we set in 2010.

Our Weybridge office is also home to our UK data center. Award-winning energy efficiency measures, put in place during the design and construction phase, made this one of the world’s most energy-efficient data centers.

That doesn't stop us looking for ways to improve. We invited a team of Strategic Carbon Management MBA students from the University of East Anglia to help us assess energy use at Weybridge and to identify potential opportunities for further improvement. Their study included a review of our energy use statistics, plus a study of building heating and ventilation systems. The results identified a number of areas where we are able to further reduce both energy use and carbon emissions at the site.