Global Ocean Data Sharing Initiative

In March 2017, PGS launched an initiative to release surplus environmental data from ocean surveys and activities for research on ocean development. This was supported by the Norwegian Shipowners' Association.

Since its foundation in 1991, PGS has acquired a vast amount of seismic data from beneath the subsurface of the oceans worldwide, which oil companies use to find oil and gas reserves. This activity has created an extensive MultiClient data library, as well as a great many bespoke datasets acquired on behalf of clients. In parallel with this activity, PGS vessels have gathered large amounts of additional, surplus data on the oceans like temperatures, salinity, depths, currents and weather conditions.

PGS decided to open this surplus database for the benefit of research on the ocean developments. The Norwegian Shipowners' Association then invited other Norwegian shipowners to take part in the project and share data on the oceans.

The oceans represent our most important global common resource. Although they cover 70% of our planet, only 5% of the oceans are explored.

Healthy and productive oceans are essential to the prosperity and well-being of mankind. Riches beneath the surface are vital for food, for subsea energy supply, extraction of vital metals, mineral resources, and are the basis for many of tomorrow's medicines. However, there are concerns. Some estimates show that by 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the world oceans. Acidification, rising sea temperatures and pollution are already profoundly affecting life below water.

As a responsible company, PGS is fully committed to minimizing the impact on the environment from our own operations. We also have a responsibility to contribute where we can to increase our collective understanding and knowledge of the oceanic environment.

 Norwegian Fleet Pattern one full yearNorwegian Fleet Pattern one full year