Health, Safety and Security

Assessment and mitigation of risk are at the heart of how we manage our business. Our HSEQ management system is certified to OHSAS 18001 standards and complies with international laws and regulations, as well as local legislation wherever we operate, however, our standards often go beyond legislation and legal requirements.

2011 2.14
2012 0.97
2013 1.42
2014 0.99
2015 0.63
2016 1.04
2017 0.60
2018 1.15
2019 0.88
2020 0.93
2021 0.84
2022 0.86
Q4 2018 0.19 1.15 0.19 5.23
Q1 2019 0.57 1.32 0.19 5.31
Q2 2019 0.37 0.73 0.18 5.45
Q3 2019 0.36 0.91 0.18 5.52
Q4 2019 0.52 0.86 0.35 5.78
Q1 2020 0.69 0.86 0.35 5.79
Q2 2020 0.89 1.08 0.36 5.57
Q3 2020 0.97 0.78 0.58 5.16
Q4 2020 0.87 0.65 0.44 4.60
Q1 2021 0.24 0.47 0.24 4.25
Q2 2021 0.00 0.24 0.24 4.09
Q3 2021 0.00 0.29 0.00 3.43
Q4 2021 0.28 0.84 0.28 3.56
Q1 2022 0.57 0.85 0.28 3.52
Q2 2022 0.57 1.14 0.28 3.52

HSEQ Statistics Active Fleet + Offices

Our Performance

We measure health and safety performance through a combination of lagging indicators (such as the number of reported incidents) and leading indicators (measuring the proactive work we do to reduce risk and injury to our people). Over recent years, we have significantly improved health and safety performance throughout the company. We continuously work to decrease the number of incidents by focusing on our long-term key areas, including HSEQ Leadership and Behavior, Risk Management, and the general improvement of our HSEQ Management System.

Actively Reducing Risk

Risk awareness is vital to keeping people safe. Our risk management system helps us identify hazards, assess risk, and introduce safety measures to improve our everyday operations. Even when we have taken all appropriate safety measures, we will continue to face a level of risk that we cannot eliminate. Where an activity is deemed too risky, we simply don’t do it.

We also continuously improve our processes and learn from others to reduce the risks we face. Since 2012, we have increased our focus on carrying out high-quality risk assessments offshore. This has been part of our ongoing efforts to strengthen our risk and change management systems. During this period, we focused on project risk management, management of safety-critical activities, and improving documentation practices. 

Our Security

PGS regularly faces significant security risks, through its operations and during travel. Global security threats are constantly changing, are more diverse, and tend to move closer to our day-to-day activities.

Thorough mitigation of security risk in our day-to-day activities is ensured by the implementation of a corporate security policy and a security-risk management system. Most evident is the operational aspect of security management. All our projects, from pre-tender to post-operation, include security as an integrated part of the project risk assessment process.

Travel risk is high on the agenda, under our corporate duty of care for our employees. As a result, we recently changed the approval process for travel to high-risk countries.

The security management system enables a proactive approach and ensures the thorough protection of all employees and business partners.