Field Support Manager Program

Our frontline leaders work hard to maintain a constant focus on health, safety and security. Regular HSEQ meetings offshore include: departmental safety meetings, HSEQ committee meetings, HSEQ general crew meetings, HSEQ ship-to-shore meetings, plus training and workshops.

Jez Tate has worked on PGS seismic surveys since 1996. He has a technical background in surveying and before joining the field support management program had little HSEQ management experience.

"Our work offshore is high-risk, so there’s a huge amount of safety information and procedures involved. It can be pretty overwhelming, especially as managing the day-to-day operation of a seismic ship leaves little time for sitting down and getting to grips with it all," he admits.

In 2011, Jez was invited to be a Field Support Manager in the HSEQ team in Oslo for a year. PGS introduced this temporary role to develop the capabilities of its Party Chiefs.

"There were four of us and we were responsible for giving presentations, doing audits and investigating incidents on vessels. The training we received was excellent, and we got the opportunity to understand HSEQ best practice as well as gain an in-depth knowledge of PGS procedures," Jez recalls.

"When I returned to being Party Chief, I was so much more confident and better able to manage the safety of my team. I could focus on the things that really matter – the safety issues at hand – rather than having to think about the best way to apply policy and procedures."

Following the assignment, assessing risk becomes almost second nature, rather than a formal exercise the Party Chief needs to stop and think about.

Since it began, 42 of our most senior offshore managers have been assigned for 12 months to HSEQ. Over the years, this initiative has played a significant role in sharing HSEQ knowledge and practices between our offices and the fleet. 

"I think that’s a great demonstration of how highly PGS rates the safety of its frontline teams,” says Jez.