Our People

Our employees shape and improve our business and good management is essential. To build trust and effective relationships, we train our leaders and foster open and frequent dialog within teams.  Day-to-day communication with our people, offshore and in our offices, is supplemented by regular surveys to gather feedback and opinions on employee wellbeing and the way we do business.

Leadership Principles

Leaders influence the attitudes and behaviors of others to achieve a shared result. Our leadership principles sit on top of our core values of dedicated, reliable, pioneer. They set out the most important leadership behaviors for PGS leaders at all levels of the organization and provide guidance to further strengthen our culture and achieve our strategic ambitions. 

Global Workforce

Leaders need to be visible and communicate clearly with the entire workforce if they are to build commitment, motivation and performance. Our CEO and senior managers use a number of tools to engage with employees. We communicate the big picture about our business through CEO newsletters, webcasts, all-employee meetings and during personal visits by managers to offices and the fleet.

Managing People

Our performance management process is designed to help people perform at their best by motivating them to achieve or surpass their goals. The process is designed to be fair, transparent, and consistent, clearly linking reward to individual performance.

Each year, PGS employees agree on work and personal development goals with their manager, along with measures of their own performance. 

  • Participate in an annual formal performance appraisal with their manager to gain honest and open feedback on their objectives, performance, attitude, and behavior
  • See a clear link between their annual objectives and their performance evaluation
  • Have excellent performance recognized and rewarded

Valuing Diversity

We value all our employees and the various skills they bring to our company. We aim to develop their talents and support them as their career with us evolves. PGS employs a highly specialist and diverse international workforce, capable of engaging with diverse communities. We encourage balance, equality, and a culture of respect. This is part of what makes PGS a great place to work.

Our goal is to attract the best talent available. We take steps to ensure there is no recruitment bias of any kind, including gender, ethnicity, or age. While we are proud of the international content of our regional headquarters, our smaller offices have proven the success of investing in local employment.