Building better leaders - example

Good leaders are essential to our success and we develop leaders in an open culture of two-way communication. An independent survey of offshore crew members asked them to provide feedback to our most senior offshore managers to improve their leadership skills to better meet the needs of their team.

Engaging the team to develop our leaders

Good leadership is essential to a global company like PGS, which depends on a highly skilled and motivated workforce. Our Party Chiefs are the most senior managers offshore, who lead seismic crews operating the geophysical equipment on our vessels. We had never formally collected feedback on their performance from their crewmembers. Traditionally we relied on anecdotal and top-down experience.

In 2010, we commissioned an independent survey to collect confidential feedback from crew members on their views of the leadership competencies of Party Chiefs. The results have been used to create personal feedback reports that identify how Party Chiefs and PGS can strengthen capabilities across the vessel fleet to meet leadership expectations of our crews.

Following the survey we have a deeper understanding of what crewmembers need, and what they value from their senior managers. Party Chiefs have a more objective and motivating view of their leadership strengths and styles, and a clearer picture of their development needs. Specific training programs for Party Chiefs have been rolled out in response to the survey feedback, and we are now using the same approach in other parts of the organization with positive results.