Our processes are designed to be robust and adaptable to changing conditions over the market cycle. Our employees are improvement-oriented in their day-to-day work.

To enable robust processes and focus on improvement, PGS emphasizes five main areas in its quality program.

  • Process management –  streamlining our work activities to deliver quality every time in all our interactions.
  • Continuous improvement – systematically improving, measuring and sustaining results. 
  • Risk-based management – meeting internal and external requirements efficiently and effectively.
  • Audit and review – checking to identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Supplier quality assurance – working with suppliers and staying “front of mind”.

These are components of a long-term plan for the organization that we evolve over time. 

To optimize and manage quality, we have identified and removed non-value added activities and implemented more effective ways of working. 

  • We introduced a more automated system for managing governing documents such as policies, procedures;
  • we improved the recording of quality failures, improvements, audits, and reviews in the HSEQ reporting system; 
  • we evolved our supplier quality assurance program focusing on managing qualification and performance;
  • we streamlined the audit and review program with an increased focus on system level improvements; and
  • finally, we revised our process management approach to enable better process clarity for all employees.

This work will enable us to further improve the standard of our day-to-day work, enabling us to achieve our goal of delivering quality every time to our colleagues and to our customers.