Our future business success depends on maintaining good relations with the people that depend on us. We aim to nurture these stakeholders through transparent, two-way communication, to increase mutual understanding and encourage positive relationships.

PGS has a number of established processes in place to monitor and address stakeholder needs.

  • An active investor communication program
  • Consultation with communities and fishery bodies
  • Our employee survey and dialog with labor unions
  • Customer feedback surveys during and at the end of each project
  • Supply chain engagement to foster understand and meet the high standards of conduct we expect

Ethics and Human Rights

Ethical conduct and the respect for every individual’s rights are anchored in our Core Values, Code of Conduct and other governing documents. The PGS Human Rights policy affirms our support for the internationally recognized codes of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the ILO Core Conventions on Labor Standards. It also lays out principles for how we, and our business partners, should act to ensure that respect for human rights is maintained across our global activities.

The policy is embedded in our risk assessment processes and supply chain and we continuously work on ensuring all our operations are in compliance.