Community Impact

PGS aims to be a good corporate citizen in the areas where it operates. This ambition drives our interactions with local communities. In addition to adhering to local laws and regulations, we sponsor educational projects, and work with others that rely on the oceans for their income.

We evaluate how a community might be affected by our work, and then we strive for open communication and collaboration to identify and manage the impacts of our work on those around us.

Our interaction with local fishing communities is a key consideration when we plan and carry out seismic surveys. In some parts of the world, this interaction is required by law, but there are many regions where no regulatory framework exists. Our process is the same wherever we operate.

  • First, we evaluate the potential for conflicting priorities with fisheries communities.
  • Then we check if responsibility for this relationship has been assigned to a specific party in our agreement with our client, or by relevant regulation.
  • If there is no clear responsibility for engaging with fishing communities, then we step in to ensure that their needs are managed and protected.