Ghana Math Initiative - NIMS

PGS sponsors a number of initiatives in communities where we operate. Math education in Norway and abroad is one of our focus areas, through an ongoing commitment to the Norwegian Academy of Science & Letters that was established in 2012.

In 2013 we identified a program in Ghana, West Africa to which a large part of the grant is directed.  It is managed by a steering committee staffed with representatives from the national institute for mathematical science in Ghana (NIMS), the Norwegian Academy of Science & Letters, International Mathematical Union (IMU), and PGS.

Its purpose is to create a center of mathematical excellence. The program is run locally by NIMS at Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, at Kumasi University Ghana.

The first cohort of students was accepted at NIMS in 2015 and the second cohort a year later.

Bård Stenberg is the PGS representative on the steering committee. “When I visited in the fall of 2015 and talked to the students they told me they preferred this compared to a normal university degree as it gives them more focus on math,” he reports.

In addition to the PGS presence, the steering committee members comprise Antonella Zanna Munthe-Kaas professor at the University of Bergen, Ogana Wandera, who represent IMU, and Isaac Dontwi  Executive Director at NIMS. They have conference calls every six to eight weeks.

Kwame Nkrumah University boasts around 50 000 students in total.

The postgraduate degree program offers advanced courses in both pure and applied mathematics and undertakes collaborative research with local industry. In addition, they organize research conferences and are committed to setting up a postgrad degree program in mathematical modeling and scientific computing.


Students of applied math follow a lecture on broadband seismicStudents of applied math follow a lecture on broadband seismic. Boosting local understanding of seismic operations can minimize potential risks in operations.